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Только что Шнур высказал свое мнения о все "Идеалистах" в комментариях. Истинный индивидуализм (пускай и крайне эгоистичный) ответил быдловатому коллективизму. Пойду уволюсь с работы,Пошлю нахуй всех единовременно,Стану частью когортыМиллионеров бездельников!

Да это же стёб и троллинг реакции народа на прошлый клип "Цой"Где ещё рекламы напихали в каждый кадр. Раньше Шнур песни пел актуальные, а сейчас новостройки в кировском районе спб попсовые, срубить бабла, ну и нахуй.

ST настолько в "Ленинграде" , что единственный трек где более менне у него есть слова прописан через feat и залит на его никому нах не нужный канал) Серега , начни бухать уже , хуйню гламурную прекрати , посмотри на кого похож стал … метросексуал какой то... Make sure you vote купить домофон для квартиры в спб for which team you think would win below! If this video gets 50,000 likes we will put these teams HEAD TO HEAD in FIFA19! Make sure you vote for which team you think would win below! If this video gets 50,000 likes we will put these teams HEAD TO HEAD in FIFA19! II wI waI wanI want I want aI want a hI want a huI want a hugI want a huI want a hI want aI wantI wanI waI wI I love karate????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

LIKE IF YOU FOUND THAT IN THE VIDEO II LI LoI LovI Love I Love YI Love YoI Love YouI Love Your I Love Your VI Love Your Vi I Love Your VidI Love Your Vids I Love Your VidI Love Your ViI Love Your VI Love YourI Love YouI Love YoI Love Y I Love I LovI LoI LI As a Full orange belt in karate it is great to have an episode on one of my favourite sports btw not trying to brag but i went from white to orange belt which means i skipped 4 belts!

I know how it feels but 8 hate school because I get bullied :( My mum would just get me to put my head over the sink and she would pick the lice out for me, all gone I had lice twice because of my friend!..

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I had lice for about a year and I was too shy to tell anyone but it got treated...

My hair is super thick and long so it takes a while to make sure all of them are gone. If one of us got it, the parents would tell the teachers.

So then everyone had to be checked my mom told me about this, never tell your friends or they will leave you, my mom had a friend do that i guess your the second person i know I mean...

The "Mean Tweets" series proves that the best part of watching Jimmy Kimmel...

Also, Nickleback making fun of their own songs is my FAVORITE thing???? Mainstream media is dumpster fire these days, and a lame one at that. The secret question made public how to get easy sex from Stormy D. This Privacy Notice details important information regarding the use and disclosure of User information купить домофон для квартиры в спб collected on the IEclip.

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