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Yeah, if Conner would have made antisemitic remarks, I am жк охтинская дуга 3 дом в контакте sure he would have been in jail right now. So MatsStarts to talk about the parasite in the brain things I was eating when he talked about the poop part now I dont want to eat anything???? Forgot to say that venom calls himself a loser in his world while Eddie says the same thing but his world (Earth) What ur forgetting to mention he keeps characteristic of previous host and he once had a жк дом на львовской купить квартиру psychotic alian has a host he also had deadpool has a host that would drive anybody insane Hey, MatPat. I would like you to "theorize" that "before life" and secrets. Can you make a theory on how the wife from up that dies LOOKS EXACLTY like the older sister for despicable me (sorry i cant spelll or rememer names xD) Did anyone notice that venom never used webs to get around or fight. Mice and rats have sacrificed so much for humanity...

The most prevailing theory is that it was gerbils, not rats, that were the cause for the black plague... I know the time has passed but do you have any information on the future? Brock benefits from venom as much as venom does from Brock. Gotoh from parasite because Venom would win without a doubt Film theorists mat pat this is serious some people are doing a course if thay win meems will be band from the internet do not do meems on your chan l or you will get delete. Do a theory on frigging Godzilla jr because in godzilla vs mechagodzilla 2 and Godzilla vs spacegodzilla jr looks completely diffrent does godzilla have 2 sons in the heisay areas I know this is no the point of the video but...

Remember when you made a theory saying that Hulk is stronger than Thor?

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Does the moment in Infinity War when Thor takes the full force of the star change anything? I was watching reruns of MASH recently, and I was thinking. In addition, venom canonically is more powerful with a host that hates spidey more. Either way the Symbiotes are basically always the victims. But if their host is mentally or biologically unstable, the Klyntar will become corrupted. He started out corrupted because of his bonding with Cletus like 5 seconds after he was born. First and most importantly, I enjoyed this video very much. Thank you for continuing жк охтинская дуга 3 дом в контакте to provide entertaining content. I just have a minor note for purely educational purposes: you seem to have жк up квартал московский официальный сайт combined the terms toxoplasma gondii and toxoplasmosis.

The difference is that toxoplasma gondii is the name (genus and species) of the parasite that causes the disease toxoplasmosis.

Now that I got that out of my system, thanks again! OO If eddie brock has audio hallucination,why in that one scene venom tells жк охтинская дуга 3 дом в контакте eddie not to open the door? Respect the hyphen MatPat My friends, The Lord Yeshua loves you! He will forgive you, make you new, deliver you from your sins and from the judgement headed to this earth. All you need is faith as a mustard seed and sincere words from your heart. For all those that call upon the Name of The Lord shall be saved! Thanks to all the production crew who made this happen: pull down the description for full жк охтинская дуга 3 дом в контакте credits! Trippy and so so weird in my brain, but I loved it. Every bit was superbly done, educational and funny.

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I was scrolling through youtube untill i saw tom in a tux and my mind went like "OMG MY FAVORITE NERD IS MARRIED..... Sorry stranger for wasting your time, thanks for reading tho. I especially loved the part when dive were tumbling down. And when you and the other other person waved and said "hi" hahaha.

Also, you should wear a tux more often :) 1:28 This explains why most music videos seem out of sync, I always thought that the mouth moments seemed a bit off in music videos. I assume the biggest technical hurdle was getting Tom to dance like no one was watching. Did you жк охтинская дуга 3 дом в контакте have a specific song or rhythm in mind, or does the way music videos are cut make it so that it fits with almost every song? I watched it on mute with music in the background and it seemed to fit almost seamlessly.

The concept makes reminds me of that Ted Talk by that guy that utters nonsense and who is wearing glasses without lenses. But some explosion, shooting and naked people would have been nice. I feel a great disturbance in the Internet, as if a million indie bands красная стрела неоклассика официальный сайт made similar music videos and were suddenly roasted. I was a Conor fan but I can no longer support a cheat, loser, fraud, racist and someone that attacks other people family. Absolutely embarrassing Russian people are chill as fk, i seriously dont understand why people and nations keep antagonizing Russian people and Russia, i use to like Conor McGregor, but as soon as he said and did all the low stuff that he said and did leading up to the fight, i no longer considered him a role model and am glad that he got his ass beat.

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Хабиб первом раунде сцепился как змея, втором раунде дрался как гиена, первом раунде рукопашке Конор бы от имелбы Хабиба. Хабибу нодо снятся в фильме Кин-конг 3 "You can not talk about religion and nation! I still think that he is the best fighter but not a good role model. So everything is on tape the whole word has witness the same still Dana denies that conor attacked first... THIS ISNT WWE, if you disrespect my entire background AND family. Im sure anyone woulda snapped, Im not a fan of anyone cause I know they dont care about us but Khabib was a better person here up till he snapped. Unprofessional however potential injury for others.. Khabib jumping over the fence toward a man in the crowd??

He says he took the Kobe approach and proceeds to say sleep less and then a few seconds later says rest More what the fuck Honest View. I know conor style , I have seen what conor did was way out of the line where any human being can get angry. In video conor was hitting first to khabib teammate so brawl started inside octagon.

It really seems like UFC and Dana White having double standards. Jesus just imagine if two or three fans would have been injured during this deal lol Khabib gonna get hammered by the commission.

This comment section is just fucked between people sucking off either Khabib or McGreggor. There are people just assuming everyone if they are Irish they like McGreggor and if they are Russian they like Khabib. Both sides are so utterly butthurt, it actually pisses me off. After All,The Real Lightweight Champion for me is Tony Ferguson,true warrior and real Fighter represent the MMA as should be.

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