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The car scene hes wearing his costume plus he punches it back.

Hey guys check out the fully song loop fight scene took me a while to edit the song just to make it smooth plz show support?? The style of this movie is redefining animation movies. A short but rather comforting meeting between him and Gwen where they swore to look after each other in the upcoming war. Someone please explain to me wtf is wrong with the fps in some scenes? It looks like the video is lagging in some parts Hanzer 2277 Degi Si? Why did they make such a glossy beautiful looking film and then ruin it with that choppy animation? He knows how to promote and get famous and get people to watch fights. He is very disrespectful to the others, a low life Irish shits It wasnt an apology....

To get you idiots to worry about people you never met and make bets according to marketing data. One would sell whiskey, the other would get respect from his muslim land.

You, consumer idiots, are the ones left with nothing except for credit card debts жк облака на лесной сэтл сити официальный and empty pockets. Your eyes are always close when conor fights in ring caze and your eyes open when khabib jumps out caze. I емлс недвижимость в спб купить think mcgregor corner was not full fit for fight.

In this game corner not ready for this game fight mentally and physically. Did he say they were prepared and took extra measures to prevent it? If they knew they should ask themselves a lot of questions and stop acting so shocked that it did happen. Is it ok to let Conor do whatever the fuck he wants to do and say whatever to whoever?

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Conor has totally lost and forgot what it is to be a sportsman and a martial artist. Whatever happened to being even a little humble and having the tiniest bit of respect?

This is what happened when you fight a strong Bear of the Dageastan Mountain, always be prepare…. The best fighter is someone who can adapt on any style. He kicks too good for a Boxer, throws too good for a Karate man, and punches too good for a Judo man. Oh in the name of business, i can insult you, threaten your family, cheat, etc. If u ask to 5 years old kid "what do u think about muslim? I think McGregor was saying that because khabib complained about mcgregor cheating and grabbing his gloves CONOR talks too damn much, they should have beat the shit out of him........ McGregor жк новая охта официальный сайт лср is a pussy, What real issues - when Connor was walking around insulting everyone, picking fights and acting like a bitch... PUBLICITY OR NOT the UFC lets conor the bitch get out of hand.... So biased and discriminatory reaction by sour losers! Khabib should give the finger to UFC and go elsewhere...

Yessss i am the President of usa i just sit in my house instead of the white house. Conor said "its the fight business" and Khabib said "lets wrestle" No appololgy given at all! When khabib smelled that poop he was like ok time to tapp boy.

Also why is Joe Rogan playing the drama queen shocked Khabib jumped the fence like a жк новая охта официальный сайт лср Man after rooting bitch nugget fairly and still getting no respect from the racist losers corner?. You could replace lil wayne as an ass toy for 50 cent and other hip hop faggotry. Khabib said, " Wrestle" not "I guess so" Connor kneed Khabib in the face when Khabib began talking to Dana White.

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Khabib began talking shit to Dana White and Connor kneed him in the face to shut him up... I bet you 1 million dollars that if anyone was going to attack this guy with nasty slurs about him his family and country he would HIMSELF jump like a monkey!!!!!

And he says Khabib didnt go after CONNOR oh dumb ass! His PUNk ass was beaten already he was made into pieces!! I personally think he wanted connor to win and this man is wrong! CONOR WOULD NEVER жк новая охта официальный сайт лср SAY SORRY LMFAO 8:09 the part of Dana White u жк новая охта официальный сайт лср can tell he is scared and is in the wrong look at his face it gives it away that guy is a little sideman of mcchicken Conor played dirty - mind games and disgusting insults before the fight, and illegal cheating moves in the fight but STILL lost. This has nothing to do with a disability to handle verbal assault. The verbal aggressor (Dillon) knew this and did what he жк новая охта официальный сайт лср did to exacerbate the situation. Need I mention the bus incident, in which his innocent team member was nearly blinded from the glass shards that entered his eyes? After that, all people could talk was how hilarious it was since Conor was just being Conor.

Haha its only business mcgregor is just a pussy becoz he beaten up just like a pussy even fans posting this video to defend the overated fighter he doesnt even apologizing win he wins now when hes taking up beating in a fight then you post this video to defend his ass i know how entertaining mcgregor when he open his mouth but saying offended words to the people nothing to do with his fight. Im not calling them rude, it was funny but you should stop taking things so seriously!

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Really that joke would have worked better if they never then had him on as an actual guest, just to drive it home. Just made me uncomfortable But marshmello actually talks though. When they announced 1400 episodes a commercial played with the song at last.

You guys should do a real mythical or fake mythical, like are these creatures faux real? They should go back, remake their best "will it" foods and do a hall of fame episode to find the best one among them You have finally caused me to sympathetically puke with you today. Oddly enough, marshmallows are the candy version of a swamp herb that puffs up when roasted, so...

Eating testicles, insects and food made from your own urine is probably not as glamorous as it looks.... Man goodmythicalmorning are getting the bigshots they are amazing getting so many people on there show im proud It got a bit Bear Grylled at the end with that pee marshyellow, that man has probably pee as substitute for olive oil.

Stevie: Hey guys in the episode with Marshmallow you will eat marshmallows infused with your own pee. The sound effects used for Marshmellow were amazing. Who needs romance when you got cool friendships to root for? I think it would be cool if Stephanie was with another girl, but not Rooney sorry. I kinda agree with myself BUT WHO KNOWS Plot twist.... They are over here talking about lesbians and making out smh. The reason I watched Chicken Girls bcoz of Rhyme and TK, they have great chemistry..

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