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P Andrew and Sarah are still together in spite of what people think. I dont think Sarah will remarry Andrew, in fact he should marry a beautiful young chick. Glad her girl got married now of course Beatrice will be next some day.

She was separated from Andrew when the toe sucking occurred. Sarah continues to show here spontaneous personality........ I just cannot understand why Prince Phillip is still upset with Fergie after all these years for ONLY ONE, SOLAMENTE, incident when she committed that "boo boo". I will always admire Lady Diana for admitting in that famous interview that the marriage was crowded I love жк цветной город спб официальный сайт it Speak the truth, yes. At 96 he should forgive Fergie and let bygones be bygones. No body is stoping them to get married again p.....

More so than the idiot heir, жк цветной город спб официальный сайт Charles the "tampon of Camilla". Forgiveness is not a strong suit of the older Royals Merri Cat Day ago Hardly the same. This drama of the royals is a highly entertaining soap opera. She has aged remarkably well, especially when compared to the bloodline majestics. No wonder the little girl bridesmaid thought she was the Queen.

The best of the day, apart from obviously Her Majesty the Queen. They did a wonderful job on the wedding an Eugenie was beautiful loved her dress good to see all her family and friends with her very beautiful wedding! Sarah and Andrew shows class for all of the ppl who are divorced. I love how they work together as a team for their kids what a wonderful thing the royal family should take note of that instead of not talking to her for years I have seen the body language of Andrew and Sarah, there are still love between the two.

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It is the Royal family and those British people and the media, who actually hated and destroyed Sarah, they critized her so bad, she was put down brutally. Andrew and Sarah are actually so much in love with each ither before. She was abusedly mobbed ny the media for being fat and for just being true self. They are the perfect couple,, she just made s mistake snd жк цветной город спб официальный сайт the queens husband hates her but not much longer he is on his way out. They will alwsys be there for each other It will be nice if they go back together, they had two beautiful daughters, they should remarried, at the end,life is too short.

I am enjoying listening about duchess of York then you have to spoil it by puting that awful woman Megan and her stupid her mother I think Fergie going after Charles and Camilla was spot on... The demand for a divorce came from the Palace to take some of the heat off the two married acting like bunnies every chance they got.. I do think she and Andrew should be able to remarry if you want to! With all the Garbage in that family he can forgive Fergie? When the time comes prince Andrew and Sarah will make brilliant grandparents , They are a lovely family Eugene looks stunning very classy After the Queen and Prince Philip pass away, I have a feeling they will remarry.

Prince William might even restore her title when he is King. Her emotions are always on show she must have had her reason for what she did in the past but got caught she must have forgotten there are cameras everywhere. If жк цветной город спб официальный сайт Fergie and Andrew want to be together, leave them alone!

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Some Couples can Move on and reconnect and live out there old Age! Andrew loved Fergie because she was lovable, happy-go-lucky and gullible!! The жк северная долина 13 очередь queen and the Press horribly chastised Fergie for every little fumble and misstep!!! However, the queen and the Press just would not leave them alone!!! I read another comment that they still live together but not as man and wife... No one embarrassed the royal family more than Camilla and she was accepted by them. I have always felt that Fergie just never had the touch of class that was expected of her when she and Andrew married. And I honestly think on some level he still loves her. On another note, was that serious sweat under her arms in that green dress. It must have been stressful sitting so close to Prince Philip who still dislikes her. I would be worried about what BREXIT will bring rather than should the royal family be trimmed or not. It is beautiful on her and compliments her skin tone perfectly. No funds or taxes of the people should be paying for these weddings. Quit comparing the two weddings I think you Eugenie wedding was beautiful and fun and I enjoyed watching it very much Wedding was lovely. AND IT IS UNDIGNIFIED TO COMPARE ONE WEDDING TO ANOTHER BY SIZE OF ATTENDEES.

THESE YOUNG BRIDES HAVE ENOUGH ON THEIR PLATES NEW SPOUSES, FITTING IN, ROYAL OBLIGATIONS AND SO ON. Ahhh yes, she works for an art gallery, how APPROPRIATE! Their charities are clearing houses for child trafficking! All those who have given their lives to Him by sacrificing all earthly pleasure.

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I Dont mean to sound bad but Princess жк цветной город спб официальный сайт Eugenie and Jack look like a Better looking couple then Prince Harry and Megan Congratulations to the Bride and Groom. But, It is so good to see Meghan Markle as Family to the Royals. She got the chance to actually witness another Royal Wedding. Eugenie and her husband look like they are in love. And Harry and Kate like to talk and look at each other more than they do at their own spouses.

God bless her and Prince Harry,and their child to be Amen -) More guests inside the chapel? Let me tell квартира бизнес класса в санкт петербурге you why: no Royalty, except immediate family, came to the gold diggers wedding with dim Harry. Eugenie at least knows the celebrities she invited! Yet the tax payer had to stump up for this over privileged royal hanger on? These are the REAL benefit scroungers, it past time they were done away with.

Her hair is so shiny and silky, just touseled and soft, yet held nicely up and away from her beautiful face! I would rather spend money on a royal weding than on corrupt, greedy, hypocritical, lying, useless MPs. Princess Eugenie looked Gorgeous and her Tiara was stunning. I think her gown was lovely, the back was exquisite.

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