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I полис на неве веб камера hope you go on tour so we can see the goodness in real life. Congratulations on having creative power over the content you produce. Hey guys, just watched your new video живи в рыбацком официальный сайт 2 about leaving Buzzfeed. Eugene said something about working really hard to make it look like you didn t work hard at all. I just wanted to let you know you definitely succeeded at that.

You guys were literally one of only two Buzzfeed series I watched (the other being Worth It ), so this is bloody amazing news for me :D I have been following you guys for years, I love your friendship and really hope the best for you all. You guys should definitely collaborate with SortedFood, they started their own cooking channel 9 years ago in the UK. They often make trips to LA, I would literally die if the Try Guys and SortedFood did a collab, OH MY GAWD! With they Try Guys new channel and the Unsolved Network I m FREE!! I still what them to be in the videos buzzfeed is making like ruining history! Oh my god I love them so much I hope this channel reaches tens of millions of subs they frickin deserve it Congratulations... I only watched Buzzfeed because of you guys :) As a musician it would be interesting to see, you trying some instruments. Take music lessons for a month and then play in a concert... Keith has to play another instrument than French-Horn :) Love you guys :) To the try guys, your new channel is amazing and I look up to each and every one of you ll for being independent. Your videos always spread laughter and joy with your natural comedic personalities.

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Thank you for creating more videos, all four of you guys are so tallented and hope you continue for many years to come x Pikachu Elric 3 manu?

I love The Try Guys and I am so happy that they are back. You also inspired me to upload video of my own and try my luck as a content creator. I never expected them all to leave, together, and start a new channel, together! I thought that you couldn t use any content outside of BuzzFeed that you used after you published it to BuzzFeed. Y all now I can finally get Buzzfeed out my subscribed feed! I feel bad for them, a lot of people probably only sub for you guys! I spent the whole day waiting for this channel живи в рыбацком официальный сайт 2 to upload another video and then realized it was Tuesday, not Wednesday. I can t wait to see what you guys do with The Try Guys and creativity that I m sure will go into each and every video! You re all super talented, funny guys and your channel deserves to do well, I m sure it will! I m so proud of you guys for taking the shot and starting something new! I wish you all the best luck in the world so it works out even better than you imagined. I have literally not been this excited since I живи в рыбацком официальный сайт 2 found out that The Hobbit was being made into a movie(s)!!!!! Are you all still at buzzfeed but you focus more on this channel? I just dont really know whats happening and it d be nice if yall just had a sit down talk about what happened :) Pikachu Elric 3 manu? Their Patreon says, The живи в рыбацком официальный сайт 2 Try Guys are creating an independent digital production company, pants optional.

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If I were BuzzFeed I would have charged bug bucks for that. And Ned is renovating a house thats not cheap, how they fuck does he and his wife have that kind of Cash? They are extremely busy right now with Vidcon and well, Ned especially did some incredibly adult crazy biggest things you ll ever do in your life stuff all at the same time.

Buying and renovating a house - with his wonderful wife who was pregnant with their first child all while also making a hge купить квартиру в приморском районе спб shift and starting their own company. They talked about it a little in their patreon livestream and in the discord. They have a tonne of content lined up and huge plans for the future of the channel.

I cannot wait for the future things to come on this channel. Had no idea this was happening before the trailer showed up in my feed but already subbed and ready :) Oh my GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They still have good relations with the company though (I believe they are working with one of the companies PR departments or something like that). One of Buzzfeed s conditions is that you must not create separate content that would potentially be in competition with their other videos. Several other Buzzfeed employees have their own channels but it s mostly vlogs and laidback videos. I know that several of the Try Guys are featured in videos that have come out recently from Buzzfeed, but those were probably recorded several months before they officially left.

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In the trailer video, Eugene said that they emptied out their bank accounts in order to create their own company (I also assume that they had to buy the rights as well). If you don t believe go check out their Twitter accounts.

I believe that they replied to an article about them leaving. Go check it out before you write something else about them not leaving cause I can assure you that you are wrong (go check out those primary sources kids) macamoon 3 manu? Their Patreon says, The Try Guys are creating an independent digital production company, pants optional.

I think its one of those spin of channels like ladylike and such So excited for all of you!!!!!! Also, so excited you guys can be more interactive with your fans than before.

It will be amazing when someone gets a like or a comment from one of you guys!!! I would be glad if you subscribe me and do a favor. Hey, I just looked at your channel you have some dope content! Check out some of my channel and sub if you like the content. And double thanks for the beautiful new meme you ve given us! Jonathan Coulton did this challenge called thing a week. It s where he would make something new and upload it every week. Now, he makes songs for big games like lego dimensions. If you did this, maybe you could get a real job too! Besides, that pun had no context, oh well Did you know that skits are way more entertaining than YIAY when you do жк шуваловский дуэт официальный сайт it? I m feeling sad again (well, not really because I m high right now), but please come back soon, Jack!

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